Lots of Alaska Dart Tournaments!

Check out the events page as I have added the dates for most of our tournaments for this next winter dart season.  You'll also see the flyers for most of these if you click on the links.  My ADO page will have regular updates for upcoming National Qualifiers.  I also resumed the continuation of my Check it Out page.

Jeff Olson


My name is Jeff Olson.  I have been around the Alaska dart scene for the past 27 years.  I live in Kenai, Alaska and have played darts anywhere in Alaska that put on a darts event.

Jeff's History

Jeff's Darts

If you are a dart player in Alaska, or interested in playing darts in Alaska, this website is your guide.  My name is Jeff Olson and darts is my hobby.  As much as playing, I enjoy helping others with their leagues and other dart events.