Between matches, players have an opportunity to participate in our contest to color the End of the Road flyer.  This year we had five entries.  We used a panel of judges from Cooper Landing and the neighboring community of Hope to choose the best one.  At the end of the Mixed Doubles event, Michele Olson's entry was chosen and will be used to advertise the up-coming tournament.

Boards 7-9 are our standard set-up for tournaments.  These cover a big picture window that looks at the parking lot and beyond to the Seward Highway.  This wall has always been too short for three of these back boards, so I built 8 new back boards this past week that are about 6 inches less in width to accommodate these.  The doors to the smoking area and motel rooms is at the other end of the room, creating some traffic through there during the playing times, but we have never had any complaints about it.

The 2018 Cabin Fever Reliever

The Sunrise Inn is a great location for a dart tournament for all the right reasons.  It's only an hour and a half drive from Anchorage and about an hour and 15 minutes from Kenai.  It's 10 motel rooms and RV park, combined with the full-service restaurant and bar, assures players that they'll have everything they need all in one location.  Well, almost everything.  They don't have an ATM, so if you need cash, you'll need to drive up the road another 5 minutes to an ATM.  The Sunrise usually doesn't have a dartboard in the bar, but I expect that will change soon.  This trip, we had to move two pool tables to make room for 10 dartboards.  The staff here has been running these dart tournaments for over ten years, and have responded very well to the additional influx of people for these weekends.  During the weekend, the bar is filled with dart players mingling with the locals and a few travelers passing through on their way from or to Anchorage.

Mid-way between Kenai and Anchorage, is the community of Cooper Landing, Alaska.  Cooper Landing is a community of about 300 people positioned at the headwaters of the Kenai River.  During the Summer months, this place is known for it's fishing.  Even during the winter months, ice fishing huts can be seen on Kenai Lake.  Cooper Landing is also know for some kick-ass dart tournaments at the Sunrise Inn.

The other custom set-up is at a window/bar that divides the room.  We use three L-brackets made from 2x4's that are strapped to the bar to allow us something to screw the backboards to.  These backboards also have the brackets and scoreboards already mounted.  These lights are mounted on custom wooded arms that slide on to the top of the backboards.  In my opinion, these are the best boards in the room to play on.  All finals are played on board 2 (pictured).  It also provides the best viewing for spectators.

Registration and other administration work is mostly done from the bar.  Anoucements are made by turning down the music and speaking without a microphone.  A large dry-erase board is used to publish results and hook-up players needing partners.  Our events ran mostly on time, with the Saturday night blind draw starting about an hour late.  I would like to thank players from Anchorage, Kenai, and Wasilla for supporting this event and Hope to see all of you back in Cooper Landing in April for the 10th annual Cooper Landing Classic!


The focus point of the room is the wrap-around bar as you walk in the front door.  There is lots of woodwork in the bar from the floor to the burled arches in the door ways.  Our bartenders, Lisa and Cory, we very busy and did an awesome job of taking care of us.

Transforming the bar at the Sunrise Inn for a dart tournament takes a little time.  The room has a L-shape floor plan with a stage, two pool tables, and a sloping ceiling.  We can use some of our standard tournament equipment, but most of the dartboards are on custom stuff that we have built for the space.  Getting lights on these boards is tricky, and isn't optimum in places.   The very back wall has a sloping ceiling that takes some getting used to.  There is a permanent shelf on the wall that makes it easy to mount our pre-made backboards with brackets and scoreboards.  The shelf is perfect for markers and erasers, but not quite wide enough set a drink on.  These are the hardest boards to get lights on.  Fortunately, there is a wooden board on the ceiling for the pool table light that gets us a good start for mounting lights for the boards.


Friday Blind Draw  1st- Dean Fleer/Andy Walker, 2nd- Jeff Olson/Sonja Olson, T4- Jeff Garlough/Sean Palmer, Kyle Olson/Kathy Stanberry.

Open 501 Doubles  1st- Dean Fleer/Sean Palmer, 2nd- Aaron Holland/Ryan Mallett, T4- Joey Olson/Adam Link, Jeff Olson/Kyle Olson, Women's Bonus Winner- .Sonja Olson/Helga Walker.

Men's 301  1st- Jeff Olson, 2nd- Sean Palmer, T4- Kyle Olson, Jeff Garlough.

Women's 301  1st- Sonja Olson, 2nd-Michele Olson, T4- Helga Walker, Christina England.

Mixed Doubles  1st- Pat Walker/Helga Walker, 2nd- Joey Olson/Sonja Olson, T4- Andy Walker/Kathy Stanberry, Jeff Olson/Sharon Peterson.

Saturday Blind Draw  1st- Pat Walker/Helga Walker, 2nd- Kyle Olson/Robert Hubbard, T4- Jeff Olson/Michele Olson, Dean Fleer/Dan Armstrong.

Open Doubles Cricket  1st- Jeff Olson/Kyle Olson, 2nd- Dean Fleer/Sean Palmer, T4- Jeff Garlough/Sharon Peterson, Ryan Mallett/Christina England.


301 Pro Shoot 1st- Jason Ammermen, 2nd- Jeff Garlough, T4- James Vogler, Paul Muir

Friday Blind Draw  1st- Paul Muir/Thomas Hillis, 2nd- Al Hull/Lo Margrave, T4- Kyle Olson/Shelly Ammermen, JD Roberts/Kathy Stanberry.

Open 501 Doubles  1st- Kyle Olson/Jeff Olson, 2nd- Joey Olson/Paul Muir, T4- Jason Spry/Travis Burnett, Jeff Garlough/Phillip Green,

Ladies 501 Doubles- .1st- Sonja Olson/Michele Olson, 2nd- Renee Wood/Carrie Keyes, T4- Donna Swaby/Shelly Ammermen, Teresa Cross/Tammie Rodriguez.

Men's Cricket  1st- Jeff Olson, 2nd- Rich Wawrzonek, T4- Paul Muir, Jason Ammermen.

Women's Cricket  1st- Teresa Cross, 2nd-Renee Wood, T4- Sherry Armstrong, Sharon Peterson.

Saturday Blind Draw  1st- Jeff Olson/Tom Maloney, 2nd- Phillip Green/Margaret Hale, T4- Kyle Olson/Sharon Peterson, Sherry Armstrong/Dan Armstrong.

Mens' 501 Singles  1st- Jeff Olson, 2nd- Rich Wawrzonek, T4- Matt Markavich, Cory Franklin.

Ladies 501 Singles  1st- Sharon Peterson, 2nd- Michele Olson, T4- Sonja Olson, Teresa Cross.

2019 Cabin Fever Reliever

The 7th annual Cabin Fever Reliever dart tournament is in the books.  We had an incredible turn-out this past weekend at Main Street Tap and Grill.  We added a 301 Singles event early Friday in response to players' request and had 24 entries!  The following blind draw doubles event on Friday saw 50 players show up!  Suspecting the larger crowd than normal, I had enlisted the help of Teresa Cross and Rita Green to help Michele and I wit registration, match pairing, and other various tasks associated with running a dart tournament.  Even with this extra help, we never got around to giving out door prizes.  Saturday saw another 50 players for a blind draw event that started 2 hours late and matches consisting of a single game 0f 701 SS/DO.  Even then, it was 2:00 AM before we finished Saturday night.  We had so many women's teams in the Open doubles, we ended up creating their own ladies' doubles event on Saturday.

Despite the crowd and late event on Saturday night, I had no complaints and everyone seemed to enjoy the tournament.  In addition to our great local turnout, we saw 6 players from Wasilla, 2 from Anchorage, two from Fairbanks, and two from Colorado.  During the tournament weekend, the Kenai Darts Association Board met and decided to hold the $5,000 Kenai Open on October 18-20, 2019.  Jairra Seidl won our contest to color the End of the Road flyer.  You can see the color flyer here.

Below are some pictures that Dean Fleer sent me after I had already posted the stuff above...

Jeff's Darts

Until just a few years ago, we used to only set-up 8 boards at the Sunrise Inn, and would occasionally find ourselves short during the singles on Saturday.  Building the custom set-ups for boards 1-6, combined with moving the pool tables, has allowed us to get two more boards in the room and has really been a help in keeping matches going.  Board 10 sits in from of an old piano across from boards 7-9.  I didn't have time to paint my new back boards, but should have that done before the Cooper Landing Classic in April.  Since the stage would be a distraction to players throwing on board 10, we use the space to store extra tables, chairs, and stuff that we have taken down from the ceiling and walls.  If you look on the right side of the picture, you can see the 2x4 L-brackets that support boards 1-3.