Jeff's Darts

Here it is!  Just like last year, but a different date.

This is an ADO sanctioned $5,000 dart tournament.  All events are modified round robin.  Our tournament staff features some of the most experienced folks from all over Alaska.

If you didn't make last year's event, and this is your first Ice Breaker Classic, let me fill you in on some details.  This tournament is at the Coast International Inn, near the intersection of Spenard and International Airport Road in Anchorage, Alaska.  These folks are offering great rates for this weekend, and they will fill up.  Once you check in on Friday, there is no need to go anywhere until the tournament is done, as the Coast has a full service restaurant and a great sports lounge.  All the events are modified round robin to allow plenty of playing time and the large banquet room affords players the room to spread out.

Thursday Night Blind Draw

Billiard Palace

Immediately after equipment set up at the Coast.