Jeff's Darts

The Kenai Soft Tip League

By Jeff Olson

Michele and I are playing soft tip darts again this year, but for the Forelands Bar.  We have 12 teams in the league with all the teams being in Kenai or Nikiski.  The machines are old and seem to act-up often.  The league is very well organized and managed using League Republic for posting schedules, standings, and statistics.  You can find all this at Kenai Soft Tip.  The match starts out with four 301 DO/DO games with the home team starting in all four.  The next five matches are 501 SS/DO doubles with alternating starts and match pairings.  The tenth game of the night is a team game of random cricket that is not only worth a match point, but also for a round of drinks.  The last five games are cricket doubles.  All games are worth one point for a total of 15 points. 

The league champion is not decided on final standings at the end of the year.  At the end of the regular season, all the teams are seeded into a playoff that lasts a few weeks.  Each round of playoffs is held on the regular Wednesday night league time using the regular league format.  Players must have played in at least six matches during the regular season to qualify for play in playoff matches.  The top-seeded team in each match hosts each of the playoff matches until the playoffs are down to four teams.  The top four teams in the playoffs will assemble at a neutral site on the final night of the playoffs for a double-header to determine 1st through 4th place in the league.

Last Wednesday we had our final night of playoffs as the remaining four teams played a double header for the top four awards in the league.  Round 1 saw the number 1 seeded Forelands team defeating the Mainstreet 1 team while the Place 3 upset the number 2 seeded Mainstreet 2 team.  The Forelands team (pictured below) were able to win their first title in the Kenai Soft Tip League.

Jeff Olson    Michele Olson    Jaymie Seidl    Dan Flippin    Tay Harling